Steam Trap Survey & Computerized Trap Management

Advanced Sealing utilizes the state-of-the-art TLV Trapman TM5 to perform on-site steam trap surveys.


Our many clients attest to the tangible and substantial savings they have seen as a result of the analytic services we perform for them.


Here’s how it works…


The TM5 is a precision automatic steam trap analyzer that uses ultrasound and surface temperature to analyze traps.  In just 15 seconds it reads the performance of the trap.  The TM5 searches its knowledge base of nearly 3,000 trap models and compares the collected data against the known performance characteristics for that exact style of trap.  Analysis by the TM5 produces quantifiable results, the accuracy of which has been attested by Lloyd’s Register.


The data required for steam trap management – trap type, size, type of connection, operating pressure, operating status, etc. – can be created and stored in the TM5.


Data from the hand-held TM5 is uploaded and analyzed using TLV’s powerful TrapManager software.  The results of this analysis can be presented in various formats and reports to give the clearest picture of the surveyed population of traps.  We can, for example, tabulate data for specific conditions and calculate the failure rate.  We can also instantly determine steam leakage – and monetary losses – for a single trap or for the entire facility.



TM5 trap records are automatically saved as an essential part of your preventative maintenance program.  These records include the installation and inspection dates as well as the inspection results so that trap records are available for future trend analysis.


A single faulty trap can cost thousands of dollars due to lost efficiency and increased fuel demand, while also creating safety problems and piping system erosion. A comprehensive survey by Advanced Sealing will indentify these costly traps and enable you to pinpoint your maintenance spend for maximum return. Call us today.