Exchanger Review Services

For a nominal fee, we can undertake a complete review of all your Shell and Tube exchangers, outlining the changes needed to bring them into compliance with a world-class sealing standard.


You will receive individual reports on each exchanger as analyzed by our Exchanger Gasket Workbook. These reports will make recommendations on nubbin removal, gasket type, gasket size, bolting torques and bolting procedures for each of the exchanger body joints.


Update your exchanger specifications for your whole refinery, or unit-by-unit, as service work is required.



Our Exchanger Gasket Workbook rigorously analyzes each of the flanged connections at the full operating pressure, and applies the “Chevron” protocols to determine the optimal gasket type, gasket size, and the correct bolt-up torques.


The Exchanger Gasket Workbook enables us to output “exchanger cards” to hang at the job site.  These cards give the crew critical assembly information (such as stud size and assembly torque) while providing a permanent record of essential steps in the inspection and assembly process.