Free Float Steam Traps by TLV

Simple and efficient…  The Free Float steam trap demonstrates TLV’s “Simple is Best”design philosophy.


Unlike other traps, the Free Float trap has just one moving part – the float.
No fulcrums to wear, no levers to fail.


The proven results?  Cost savings – as valuable steam is saved by a simple, efficient, reliable trap.


No wonder TLV has earned over 2000 patents!


Free Float Features & Benefits:


• Precision ground float provides an infinite number of contact surfaces with the orifice, ensuring little wear and long life.

• Condensate is continually discharged, so no condensate backs up into the equipment, and process temperatures can be maintained.

• Unaffected by back pressure, it’s ideal wherever condensate is recovered.

• Integral perforated stainless steel strainer protects internal components.

• Simple design allows for most models to be repaired in-line.

• Multiple styles and sizes make the ideal selection simple.  Look below to see which free float trap is right for your application.


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The accuracy of the TLV Trapman has been validated by Lloyds Registry. TLV cyclonic separators provide condensate separation efficiency as high as 98%. The most stable operation of all thermodynamic steam traps.
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