Jet-Lube Lubricant


High quality lubricants are a key factor in the assembly and disassembly of bolted connections, and ensure that the proper sealing load is delivered to your gaskets.  Advanced Sealing is proud to carry the premium line of Jet-Lube lubricants.





Jet Lube 550 and 550 Extreme


The ideal anti-seize product for petrochemical and refining plants.  Molybdenum disulfide with graphite and low-friction fillers.  Eases both assembly and dismantling.  550 Extreme has a stable “K” factor over a wide temperature range.




Nickel-based high temp anti-seize for use up to 2600 F.


Riser Bolt Lube


Non-metallic high-moly compound ideal for subsea riser bolt applications.


769 Lubricant


Moisture displacing penetrant and lubricant.  Prevents corrosion from salt water and salt spray.





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