Gasket Materials

Whether you work in a refinery, a power plant, a brewery or a wastewater plant, cut gaskets are integral to your sealing system. That’s why Advanced Sealing stocks the broadest selection of bulk gasket materials – so that you always have access to the special gaskets you need.


Immediately available in bulk – or in cut parts:


• Neoprene Rubber • Teflon • EPDM
• Vegetable Fiber • Restructured Teflon • Cork/Buna
• SBR • Silicone Sponge • Expanded Teflon
• Silicone Rubber • Viton • Compressed Non-Asbestos



Whatever your material selection, let our bolt-up experts help you with customized torquing and installation recommendations.


Click here for standard gasket dimensions.





See Our Specialty Flange Gaskets:


ALKY-ONE Spiral Wound Cam Profile
This is the premier gasket for all of the Hydrofluoric Acid flanges. Designed to reduce the flange replacement due to acid corrosion. Advanced Sealing spiral wound gaskets are made to the highest industry standards. Enormous selection. Need Emission Control? Our CPFG gasket has the best independent test results for sealability. Find out why.