Our History

Advanced Sealing and Supply Company was incorporated in 1988 with the inspiration of Bill Clouse and Alan Stubblefield; who envisioned an independent company focused on bringing the advantages of advanced technologies to their customers.



The initial focus was on packings, gaskets and expansion joints for major industrial accounts.  But the commitment to bringing changes to their customers would bring big changes to Advanced Sealing, as well!


1988 – Advanced Sealing and Supply Company was formed with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies.


1989 – Advanced Sealing introduced the first mechanical packing that allowed the refineries to meet the stringent new valve emission standards of Rule 1173.  This development set a new standard of performance that would take five years for competitors to meet.


1996 – Advanced Sealing expanded our hose fabrication line as we began manufacturing metal hose assemblies.  This strong emphasis continues to this day, and we now have 5 code-certified welders to B31.1, B31.3 and ASME Section IX.


2000 – Steady business growth finally demanded more space.  The initial 6,000 sq. ft. facility in Buena Park was traded for one 2-1/2 times larger (15,000 sq. ft.) in Cerritos, CA.


2004 – 2004 marked a turning point for Advanced Sealing, as we transitioned from a purely “distribution” model to a “manufacturing” model.  This was done in order to ensure our customers a reliable supply of quality products made to our stringent standards.  As part of that transition, Terry Subia, an expert in refinery products and services, was hired to coordinate our refinery services.


2006 – Advanced Sealing entered the fastener business.  In line with our manufacturing emphasis, we purchased multiple state-of-the-art computerized self-indexing saws, chamfer machines and nutting tables.  We established our own stamp, and brought in generous inventories of threaded rod in popular grades, as well as standard fasteners.  This commitment to inventory and equipment allowed us to enhance our cost saving opportunities to the refineries through “kitting” the gaskets, lubricants and fasteners for maintenance work on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, etc.  This saves our customers on initial purchase price, simplifies support logistics and staging requirements in a turnaround, and reduces emergency buys during planned maintenance outages.


2007 – Continued growth dictated that we add an additional 14,000 sq. ft. to our Cerritos facility, nearly doubling our space again.


2008 – In 2008 we began the development of our in-house, CNC machining center, which quickly grew to include two CNC lathes, a CNC tool room mill, corrugators and two high-pressure water jets.


2008 – Advanced Sealing introduced the CPFG gasket.  This cam-profile gasket for standard flanges is made to the demanding standards of Chevron, and includes APX2 flexible graphite faces for oxidation resistance.  Third-party testing reveals near-zero leak rates that far surpass the competition.


2009 – In October, 2009 we earned our ISO 9001-2008 certification.   This annually-renewed certification confirms our commitment to integrate advanced quality control systems into our everyday work processes.


2010 – Advanced Sealing’s manufacturing and distribution center opened in Pascagoula, Mississippi in February, 2010.


2011 – Advanced Sealing introduced the ALKY-ONE gasket, the premier gasket for Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation service.  Co-developed with Chevron, this engineered gasket seals tighter than spiralwound gaskets while also preventing the corrosion of flanges due to internal acid attack.


2011 – More growth required more space!  The latest addition of 12,000 sq. ft. gives Cerritos nearly 41,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing/distribution space.


2012 – The addition of a 4,000 watt, twin shuttling bed laser cutter adds new capacity to our CNC Machining Center, enhancing our capabilities for blinds, metal gaskets and custom-machined parts for our customers. We also added state-of-the-art spiral winding machines, automated winding machines and custom, high-speed serrating machines for cam-profile style gaskets.


2014 – In July of 2014, Advanced Sealing was purchased by Lewis-Goetz & Co. Advanced Sealing also opened a manufacturing and distribution center in West Valley City, Utah in November of 2014.