Exchanger Gaskets

We’re more than just another exchanger gasket manufacturer. Our key personnel have been closely involved with Chevron in the development of the most advanced, most reliable gasket designs for heat exchangers. Our CGG and KAG gaskets have given leak-free results in tens of thousands of heat exchangers around the world!


Our style “CGG” gaskets are the default choice for all Chevron heat exchanger gaskets 1/2” wide or wider. Made to Chevron’s demanding standards, this corrugated, graphite overlaid gasket can handle almost any application – even up to 3,000-psi! Low-cost, easy to install – no wonder it’s a favorite.


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Our style “KAG” gaskets are the preferred choice for all Chevron heat exchanger gaskets under 1/2” wide, as well as other special applications. Made to Chevron’s demanding standards, this machined, graphite overlaid gasket can be used in the most severe applications.


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When you buy an exchanger gasket from Advanced Sealing, you get a lot more than a gasket – you also get our years of experience and engineering know-how.


Give us your equipment and bolting data, and we will provide you with installation guidelines and bolting torques, so that you can be assured of the most reliable seal.



Why others don’t measure up:


What makes a CGG so special?  Chevron has performed years of field-based qualification testing to determine the exact characteristics that give the best results.  Metal thickness, corrugation pitch and height, grade and density of graphite, welding processes, adhesion systems, packaging, and even quality control steps are all specified in their standard.


So remember, if it doesn’t say “CGG” it isn’t a CGG!