CamProfile Pipe Flange Gasket


Designed for use with ASME B16.5 or ASME B16.47 flanges, the CPFG gasket has a precision machined core, overlaid with APX2 flexible graphite for broad chemical resistivity and enhanced oxidation resistance in elevated thermal environments.


Also available with PTFE facings.


The CPFG™ gasket is designed for refineries, chemical plants, power generation  and general industrial plants.  Unlike spiralwound gaskets, it cannot come “unwound” and cannot be over compressed so it requires no inner ring.




Material Temperature °F (°C) Max. Operating PressurePSI (Bar)
Min. Max.
APX2 Graphite -400 (-240) 850 (455) 3700 (345)
PTFE -400 (-240) 500 (260) 1500 (100)


Yarmouth Research Laboratory conducted leakage testing of the CPFG gasket with graphite faces to see how well it contained fugitive emissions.  The result?  After 5 thermal cycles to 500 °F, the maximum average detected leakage was only 1 part-per-million! See the test results here.


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