Piston Valves by Klinger

Klinger Piston Valves are simply the best solution for steam, hot water, heat transfer fluids, oil, gas and petrochemical applications.  In Europe’s TA-LUFT emission test they dramatically outperformed bellows sealed valves, with an average of 2-ppm in more than 50,000 cycles!  (A copy of the results of that testing are available HERE.)


Over 60 million Klinger Piston Valves are in service worldwide because of their simple, trouble-free design.  Real quality doesn’t
cost – it pays!


The simple flow-through design of the piston valve has several advantages.



The guidance of the piston – and its positive positioning – prevents fluttering and vibration in the throttled position, making it the ideal valve for the bypass around a modulating control valve, where turbulence may occur.


The closing piston pushes debris and impurities ahead of itself, preventing damage to sealing surfaces and ensuring long life. This action cleans the stem… every time the valve is stroked.”


The heart of the valve is the KX-module – an ingenious and simple sealing system with only one moving part.


The load for the seal is created by the bonnet (1) which presses against the sealing element.  This increases the coupling pressure between the two sealing rings (2 and 3) and the casing and piston.  This coupling pressure is so high that the valve can be reliably used to 900-psi in temperatures from -50 °F to +800 °F.


Because of the simplicity of this design, replacement of worn rings can easily be done with the valve in line. Also, the media never sees the sealing surface, which virtually eliminates wiredraw, thereby greatly increasing longevity, reliability and safety.


ALSO AVAILABLE: Klinger Forged Piston Valve Designed in accordance with API, this valve adds the high mechanical resistance of ASTM A-105 to the advantage of the exclusive sealing system of the Klinger Valves. The piston valve sealing system is seatless/glandless and assures a leak tight valve that is easy to maintain.


klinger-forced-piston-valveModel: KVSD
Pressure Rating: ANSI 800#
Limits: 2,000-psi at ambient temperature
1,120-psi at 800 °F
Connection: Socket Weld
Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″
Uses: Steam, gases, thermal fluids, etc.


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